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Deutsche Bank is always interested to increase the security standards of its IT systems to the benefit of its clients. Therefore, also our online reporting system DeAM fit increases the security standards. The password will have to be changed each 90 days. This time line starts next time when you log in, there you will have to change your password directly. Please be aware, that if you enter the false password three times, you will be locked and a new password will be sent to you automatically by post. This ensures that a misuse of your access by any illegal activities is made more difficult.

Each user is enabled to either create completely new reporting templates or copy and change existing templates.

Additionally, we have increased the no of available reports. Currently we provide more than 30 fund reports to you.

Release 2.1
We are pleased to present you further new functionalities
Overview of the new features
  • New reporting standards (special funds only)
    Use the new reporting standards to receive the most important allocations of and information about the portfolios which you got access for. You can choose out of different product focused reports.
  • Accounting reports (special funds only)
    You used to receive the PDF holdings and transaction report as well as the Excel holdings list on a daily basis. Now you are able to request these reports via ad hoc order or the subscription function in a frequency of your choice. Historical reports are also available at Order Reports and Subscribe Reports.
  • New usability
    Explore the advantages of our new design. You receive the requested information significantly easier.
  • Scheduler
    If you do not need your report just once but on a regular basis, simply use the new subscription functionality.
  • E-mail notification
    With our e-mail notification service at Tools -> User options -> Change e-mail notification you can decide whether and in which frequency you will be informed when an ordered report is available.
  • Download to Excel
    For further portfolio analysis, you are able to download each report with one single click. Most of the reports are available in PDF and Excel format.

For any questions, feedback and suggestions please use our e-mail address [].

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